Monday, May 14, 2007


While we have had a few lifted deilcas, the Big Rig is our first seriously jacked Delica. The whole kit was done by a 4wd shop that specializes in lifting Star Wagons, Space Gears and cruisers. We tracked down the shop who did the lift and now we have access to these parts. Mitsubishi does not make after market lifts for Delicas. Chances are, if your rig was imported with a lift this large, it was probably done by either this or one of a couple other shops that do them . All parts need to me made from scratch, and they make these parts right at thier shops.

A glimpse at the kit

Straight from The Delica Family this is the new addition to the fleet. Its an 8 passenger blue on silver Jasper model in mint condition. The rack is able to carry ski`s snowboards, bikes and is equipped with a retractable mitsubishi awning. Like on the Big Rig, a remote control spot light and dual dash reader. CD/MD/TV/Navi/CB, what else do you need? The entire underbody has been painted a rustproof black with the tranny and engine rebuilt and painted silver. Not one scratch, nick or dent. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

The Kit


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Louis said...


I have just purchased a big Delica van from Japan. Its still sitting there waiting for the boat. It looks exactly like your white one. Same lift, lights etc... I would love to get in contact with you and chat about where these are moded and how to get parts etc.. Any info would be great. Thx in advance.. Louis